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Make A Statement Without Saying a Word

Slogan Tee: a wardrobe staple for young women. Commonly used to master the art of transforming their presence into an introduction.

Oh, hey girl hey!

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is not the act of walking into a room with your nose in the air, thinking you are better than everyone else. It's the ability to walk into a room without feeling like you have to compare yourself to anyone in the first place. 



Behind every successful woman is a tribe of bossbabes believing in all of her "crazy" ideas and telling her that she's got exactly what it takes.



the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Culture does not make people, people make culture.

I never thought of using a tee shirt as part of my work attire, but a pencil skirt, blazer and heels made this a perfect look. My FEMPIRE tee was a great topic of conversation in our corporate environment. #GIRLBOSS!

Paola Flechas

The Only Fs I Have to Give tshirt is genius! It's pretty much my life in four words. I wear it to coffee dates with clients and on play dates with mommy friends. Every woman I come across asks me where I got it. Love it!!!

Alison Grimes

Hey Girl, Hey! has always given me that extra boost of confidence but now, their Baggy Tees and Boardrooms Store lets me rock it! I absolutely love my comfy FRUITION tee. This year is mine!"

Bobbi Conwell